the energy of objects


good morning dear friends! it’s a bright brand new sunday and i hope you’re enjoying a wonderful wekend.  it’s a special day over here, after months of prep (one of the reasons i’ve been MIA), we’re having a tastemaker tag sale on one king’s lane! it starts at 11 am and the link is here:



as you may know, i’ve been in a minimilst phase for the past year or so and have been scaling back in all aspects of my life. after having ‘the paris apartment’ for (gasp)! 20 years this year, i’m finally ready to say i’ve tried pretty much everything i’ve wanted to do in my career and now want to refine it to doing the things i truly enjoy.


putting this sale together reminded me of my true passion and why i got into this business to begin with. i adore the past. yes i love my technology too but i’m as obsessed as ever about the way we were able to operate before we had the help of anything but pencil and wit.


as all of you antique and vintage lovers know, there’s an energy we get just from being around old objects. my frend ellen talks about ‘wabi sabi’ when referring to how so many of us feel about (supposedly) inanimate objects. i looked it up just now and got this from wikipedia: wabi sabconnotes rustic simplicity, freshness or quietness, and can be applied to both natural and human-made objects, or understated elegance. It can also refer to quirks and anomalies arising from the process of construction, which add uniqueness and elegance to the object. Sabi is beauty or serenity that comes with age, when the life of the object and its impermanence are evidenced in its patina and wear, or in any visible repairs.


as i’m getting ready for the girls to come over, i’m quietly going through the apartment and collecting the pieces i’ve been enjoying so much on my own nightstand and on the cocktail table and photographing them in the early sunlight. each one must have had a special energy  to all come together and make up the collection we’re unvelilng today. i was just going through some of the items that are going up for sale and realizing that i’m going to miss some of them! i’ll give you a preview:


my obsession has always been all things boudoir and the relationships between people. this little book is in english and one i’ve been meaning to read since the day i got it. maybe i can read it in one sitting tonight!



i picked up this university book in paris and have leafed through it almost every day for a year.  it never ceases to amaze me with what’s inside. drawings of interiors, jewelry, household accessories, everything that was de rigueur for a student to know about french design…

aTPA01521_3 aTPA01521_6


i adore the old calalogs from au bon marche, gallerie lafayette and au louvre! thank heavens someone knew to save them, what do we save today, and  what’s worth saving?






these are receipts from beauty treatments in parisian spas from 1920. would we keep these today? someone knew how beautfiul and special they were!aTPA01538_1aTPA01551_1

i will truly miss some of these one of a kind pieces. candy is off at school this semester taking CAD and learning how to design furniture. i found these hand drawn pencil renderings in paris and had them framed. i have studies their intricacy and delicacy and will never get over the detail, creativity and lasting design they continue to have today!



i love the notes, the stamps, the numbering, the tiny basket of flowers on the back of the chair!


ooop! that’s the first knock on the door, i could go on and on but lisa is here to make some boxes so i’m off to play hostess and start the coffee. hope you enjoy the sale!!

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what good is a blog

unless it actually keeps a web log of  your life?



good morning friends and happy friday. the photo above was so fascinating i had to post it. it’s the return of the mona lisa to the louvre after the nazi invasion of paris.  once they were conquered she was free be the paris we take so for granted. our muse!

rue rosier (1)

i hope you don’t mind a second day posting about my trip to paris with okl. they posted a lot of information on their blog about the trip yesterday after susan’s container sale went up. since they took the time to interview me about my favorite markets, i turned into a jpeg that can be read below. for me it’s a virtual scrapbook and this is the best place to keep it cause, hey,  a blog is forever. (sort of)! hope you enjoy it!

iokl final blog

day trips to paris markets


iphone app


flea market style


thanks for coming by and hope you got some info and maybe a bee in your bonnet to go to paris or anywhere soon, there’s nothing like traveling. i’ll be putting my trip together for late summer and fall soon and will keep you posted on the progress. maybe i’ll close up the apartment here since i have to move and just hit the road for a couple months. after all, times they are always a changin’ and you never know what’s next. till then, have  a bon weekend!

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a dream came true


good morning mes chere amis! it’s been a long winter and hard to believe that i was able to keep a secret for 6 months, but today can finally reveal a career highlight i’ve been sitting on! i didn’t want to spoil the fun of having takin one king’s lane founder, Susan Feldman on a wild shopping spree in paris in january for her container sale that’s happening right now! it was brutal weather and we trudged through slush with wet uggs and red noses but we beat down doors and got beautiful treasures for a sale i hope you’re going to really enjoy! take a look: Susan’s Container Sale






well, i better get back to reality. it was fun reliving our trip and i hope we can do it again soon, as it was a dream come true to be there together. as you know, i love to share my sources and passion for the markets and Susan really absorbed it. she had a vision. i hope you and i can shop together sometime too! i’ll be there in september, maybe we can plan a blogger’s meet up if you’re there? something to think about. for now it’s back to work to make it happen, more soon!

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