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hey guys, happy sunday!  we spent it with a lovely guest and hit the markets to give her the lay of the land. she asked me if it ever seemed the same each week.  i had to say no even though it really IS the same things over and over in a way. i but t never ceases  to fulfill the promise of something wonderful around every corner. i didn’t get a chance to take a lot of shots today but we were really focused.

i did pick up something for myself in a pile of books out back at clignancourt. it’s an old version of letters written from a  mother to her daughter that chronicled an era in paris in a way that was both literary and a sort of diary.

anyway i always wanted to know more about madame her since she lived in one of the most fabulous places in the city, hotel carnavalet.

and i couldn’t resist a 200 year old book…

sadly carnavalet is closed on mondays and we did vow to do something cultural.  maybe the musee des arts decortaif or the boheme show at the grand palais.

but if you know me,  ask monument vs market  and i’ll always choose the latter. turns out clignancourt is having another one of it’s famous fetes all weekend.

these old pics are from the program. crazy to think how many times this stuff really does go round and round!

i’m supposed to spend the next couple days writing about the markets for my book while i’m here. i realize now that you have to be obsessed with your subject to write about it.

and thankfully i am! tomorrow i’ll head back for one last day of fleaing till spring. ok well i’m off to bed. have a great night!

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all change is not growth, as all movement is not forward – e. glasgow

allo all! it’s very late and my last post from paris this time around. it’s been a fantastic trip with lots of great memories and pretty things coming home. but for the first time, it’s a little different for me. as you know i adore the flea markets and all the stories they tell. lately though, i feel a little bittersweetness about it because the subtle ‘progressive’ changes in the city are becoming more apparent and i’m not sure they’re for the best.

ok maybe at times paris can be a bit of a gilded lily, and i can understand wanting to mix the old with the new. but paris is the worlds’ muse and we come for her beauty and inspiration.

le train-bleu, in paris’ gare de lyon

and as someone who loves interior and exterior architecture, i can’t for the life of me figure out why the french allow their beautiful city to be ravaged by renovators.

the changes are everywhere, from the windows coming down and satellite dishes going up

to small details like the books being pilfered for engraving and endpapers sold as scraps

glass fronts on traditional boulangeries and boucheries are tossed aside and the storefronts are cemented over

handpainted panels are removed and separated from the grand walls they once adorned

and apparently stained glass is considered passé

why someone would want to dismantle a marble fireplace and mirror is beyond me

and why would the city allow such destruction?

i mean, i’m not complaining, it gets circulated all over the world i suppose

but it just seems that in this day and age we should preserve what we have and take care of it as stewards

these apartments will be here long after us and what will be left?

where is the love?

and why is it being replaced with  ‘sanitization’of the city’ as the french are calling it?

ok maybe i am complaining just a little. it’s happening throughout the city. these beautiful old tile frames in the metro are all coming down

and the old bouquinistes kisoks are being replaced with one of the prototypes below

maybe like joni mitchell sings,  paris, is old and cold and settled in its ways. but isn’t that why we love her so?  if the powers that be want to make changes, i humbly suggest adding a few more escalators in the metros, make it easier to catch a cab and run a design contest for a pretty something to cover the hanging clear plastic garbage bags on the streets.  of course outlawing satellite dishes and making it a crime to dismantle apartments and store facades over 100 years old wouldn’t hurt either! but some say it’s progress. i say it’s heartbreaking. what do you think?

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days of wine and roses

bonjour mes amis, ca va? we’re fully immersed in parisian life over here, for another week anyway. i’m trying to make it last and enjoy every minute (even if that’s a nap here and there)! paris is like a laduree candy shop with unexpected, delicious beauty around every corner. especially at the markets. we can walk for miles and still only skim the surface.

the fleas are full from the vendors’ summer finds and we’ve been getting up early to make the most of it.

i definitely have a thing for chairs and have been getting sofas, slippers, vanity stools and bergers…

sad for the ones that got away…

but n love with what’s coming back to the states! thought you might enjoy a preview.

and we know  you can’t get it all. but we sure try! we’ve been to the maison objet (a little uninspired this year but i’ll post the pics from it. then again everything pales in comparison to the fleas for me!) instead of heading back we went to  the markets with our client for the past few days. she’s been shopping for her store, shed home and tomorrow we’ll be packing her goodies up to ship.

the photo above is dave bloom’s of sophie atlan’s booth in clignancourt at vernaisson. we spent a couple days shooting together for the new book.

the detail in this country never ceases to amaze me

the closer you look the more you find

even a tiny powder puff is still as pretty as ever.

well tomorrow is our last day together, and i believe a good time was had by all.

thought you’d enjoy a shot of cindy’s room at caron de beaumarchais. amazing what you can do with 4 little walls!

we’re invited to a big party at clignancourt on friday eve and a concert tomorrow. we’re hoping to get to the show above if we can squeeze it in! well it’s minuit, so more soon, have a great night!

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