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living true

hello all, how’s your week going? if it’s anything like mine, you’re probably super busy with summer and trying to keep it all together.



spending time with my family gave me some introspective/perspective downtime and that’s always good for shaking things up. i’ve been going full force for so many years that it seems i have developed a sharp edge, maybe i’m a little too rushed, maybe even (gasp)! brusque.



i’ve always been a bit of a party/work animal and am starting to realize just how much i take my body for granted, and how very delicate it really is. we’re only water after all!



between the brain waves,



the synapses



nerves and neurons, we’re just little whispers of a thing yet we’re so hard on ourselves in every way!



there’s so much i don’t know about how my own body works. funny to be sort of a stranger in it since it’s right here all day every day!


now that i’m back home i’m going to try to be a bit more conscientious about this little temple that’s my one and only possession that matters; what i put in it physically as well as mentally, by concentrating on what i think about and what i eat and drink.




so here’s to taking care, hope you get a little time to yourself this weekend, i know how much you do and am sending good vibes your way this thursday!


June 28, 2013. Health, Life, Living. 9 comments.

a moveable feast

good morning all, happy wednesday! it’s great to be back stateside and i’m readjusting to my little world. the time change woke me good and early to catch a sunrise and spend some time on the beach playing around and reconnecting with home.

fortunately lots of the stash was waiting when i arrived but my apartment looks like a warehouse of boxes and bubble that’s been transplanted from our paris apartment to miami. truth is the french post office was a great way to ship and i recommend it if you’re sending boxes back when you go. they just can’t be over 50 kilos (whatever that is, it’s a lot) or over 2 meters in size over all). you can get boxes and bubble at bhv in paris. anyway  the phone is already chirping and ringing and the inbox is downright mad but i wanted to say hello and thank you for being there throughout the trip. i didn’t get a chance to comment back  but it was so much fun to have you with me! needless to say i brought stuff for you so send out as tokens, and i have NOT forgotten about the last batch i was supposed to ship either!  it was just that things got crazy. so if you sent me your addy a couple months back and didn’t receive anything yet, you will!

till then it will be unpacking like crazy, i’m sure  the it will look like an episode of hoarders in here soon, but it’s my french feast

the phone is relentless so i have about 30 seconds and wanted to pass along something that has been a fascinating new change. i came home to a boyfriend who cut his long hair, dropped 17 pounds and went from eating a despicable diet to  fresh juicing. it’s not the kind we do at home, it would be impossible to have this array of ingredients and combinations, not to mention it’s cold pressed. (apparently the shiz)!  i fell right into the cult and in two days we’re having these delicious drinks whenever we’re hungry. it’s a thrill to see such a transformation and joie de vivre in him that i couldn’t help but jump on board. we can’t get enough of them, and when we do eat it’s no longer about heavy meals and desserts. so refreshing and an incredible shift for both of us! check out the menu on the link. they ship anywhere in the us.


ok, well duty calls, have a beautiful day!

September 19, 2012. Health, Life, Miami, Paris Trip. 13 comments.

what remains unseen


morning guys and happy saturday. i hope this weekend is going to be one of celebration! i’m about to head out and wanted to post a couple things lurking on my desktop, total non sequiturs but what’s so great about sequiturs?


the first was a practice i’ve been reading about, of all things, breathing. something we do every moment from birth, but there are ways to get a lot out of it from calming to actual healing and restoring atoms and cells on a whole other level. this great book, science of breath, was written in 1903 and talks about ways to play with it for everything from cellular rejuvenation to downright enlightenment!

on another note, i’ve been holding onto these pics of microscopic grains of sand by Dr. Gary Greenberg . there’s no relation to breathing other that it’s something we don’t normally see or think about.

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand” William Blake,  Auguries of Innocence

well have a great day. dads, this is your weekend, hope you get to do something fun!

June 16, 2012. Health, Life. 8 comments.

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