changes in attitude


allo chers amis! i hope your summer’s in full swing and has had all the magic that only balmy breezes,  starry skies and BFFs can bring. there’ve been slow but steady changes over here in every way. i’ve been keeping a pretty low profile while i figure out the details of my next stage in life, love and business. what i’m learning is that you can’t figure those things out, just have to jump in and let the road take you!


till that happens, i’ve been shutting off. offline, off roading…off my beaten path. taking time to freeflow and change perspective.  i’ve been wrapped up in my world, comfortable with the status quo and sure that what i thought was reality. now i want to look into that reality and really notice the thoughts, repeated daily actions and things i say to myself and others.


this time of introspection has led me to look at life with a fresh perspective, sort of in a philanthropic way. one of the things i’m considering is a mission statement for both my business and me personally. what do i want to accomplish in either of those aspects and where do i want to go?


in a world with no off button, i think i shorted out. in order to think straight it was a good time to take it all down a notch. even blogging was a distraction and in order to see clearly it helps to have some silence to think.


maybe the end of a 10 year relationship and also being a little under the weather for the first time in years was my wakeup call, but i think i’m coming out of a slump and and seeing signs of a groove coming back.


this new-found introspection has led to changes in everything from diet to sleep habits, relationships, conversation and philosophies. it’s been good to see the changes in action and the results they produce. i’m writing in a morning journal, chilling hard, reading and generally turning my world over and inspecting it. shaping it into what i want instead of it shaping me.

it’s been a while since i’ve traveled and maybe that’s part of the trouble. i do love my life and where i live.  in an age that’s precarious to say the least, it’s been easy to stay in my comfort zone and not venture too far out. but traveling is what i love to do and somehow got moved to the back burner. and just as fate would have it, right as i’m coming out of this social hibernation i’ve been invited to a social media conference in paris,  and am leaving on saturday. how could i say no? change is the new me. i’ll tell you all about it in real time.

for now i’ll enjoy the calm before the storm. sending love and  sweet summery dreams your way!

July 18, 2014. Dreams, Friends. 32 comments.

if friends were flowers, i’d pick you


good morning darling friends and happy friday! i hope it’s going to be a great weekend for everyone.


it’s been pretty busy around here but i thought from now on i’d like to start the day right here, with my friends who i adore and admire.


these images are from your blogs of friends who said hello yesterday. before i get on a tear with what i’ve been up to i thought it would be fun to see what you were doing.



thanks for your welcoming comments yesterday, you got me back in the mood to blog. here’s to lots more of our connections with the hope we keep sharing and spreading the joy and beauty of our worlds with each other!

April 25, 2014. Friends. 11 comments.

rites of spring


good morning dear friends. it’s been such a long time since my last post and today was the day to get out of my blogging funk! i just needed time to decompress, disconnect and as timothy leary said, drop out! but with the new season comes a new attitude. not one of obligation or necessity, but one of joie de vivre, hope and dreams! it’s been a tough road the last few weeks but as of now i’m back to work on my masterpiece, life itself. not trying to finish anything but just adding brush strokes to the canvas. as always i’m looking to nature for inspiration so stopped at the very first image on pinterest that caught my eye today. instead of posting a ton of shots,  just looking and studying the one here. the composition and the colors…slowing down and truly observing. i hope your spring has started out sunny and can’t wait to share the season together. i’ve been missing you!

April 24, 2014. Flowers, Friends. 11 comments.

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