my days with renee

bonjour everyone,  how’s votre vie? lots of us are bracing for a big storm so i hope it’s just an excuse for a fun night in and there’s not too much drama!

it feels like forever since i’ve been here. i got caught up in a project i wasn’t expcting, but then, as they say, (wo)men plan, god laughs!  i’ve been spending the past few days with renee finberg, a blogger bud turned friend in the flesh. you may know her from her blog, ‘renee finberg tells all’. she’s florida girl and has just taken the plunge, opening a showroom called ‘the trade’.

it’s going to be sort of a moderne salon where there’s lots of creative, custom design with clients, mostly as implied (or boldly stated), to the trade! she’s asked me to be a part of it and i’m of course thrilled.

except that i’m leaving for a month just as it’s ready to be filled.  now the plan is to go to the maison objet and work with vendors and companies who will supply pieces that aren’t in the states yet.

the great news is our similar aesthetics and she is such a blast to hang out with. work is play!

i started bringing up some things…can you believe the places these chairs have been?! paris, ny, new orleans, miam and now boca.

it’s been a jolly good time playing with the fabrics, meeting with companies like holland and sherry and having access to all this gorgeous fabric at our fingertips. so of course this is the start of well, who knows what. but we know it will be fun, whatever it is. i’ll keep you posted on the progress. the big white chair from ‘that corner’ of my apartment is going in tomorrow.

the fabrics she has laying around are killing me! cut velvets, gold on linen, vintage patterns reworked.  i could eat them! more soon on this nouvelle projet.

ah, now…as for the giveaway: the winner of the book is… drumroll…maybe it’s anticlimactic but it was actually number 1!

seemed weird but that’s random for you! number 1 is one of my first blog friends, amy of we met years ago when we were brand new to blogging and to tell the truth it’s been way too long since i’ve been to her fabulous blog. stopping by just now to choose a photo proved i’ve been missing a lot! check her out, there are great recipies, life lessons and photos. hey girl!

ok then, tout le monde, à demain!

August 26, 2011. Dreams, Florida, Friends. 8 comments.

under a garden of stars


wow, guess i really was stuck for the past week or so. truth is that just doing diligence for the store with lawyers, accountants, plumbers, a/c and insurance agents just about wore me out. i realized that focusing on that was not anywhere i want or need  to be right now. as of this minute i’m resetting my chemistry under the starts and we’ll see where life leads…tomorrow!

bonne nuit chéres amies

July 31, 2011. Dreams. 12 comments.

going by the book

bon soir mes amis! i’m trying to do what i say so i shot around the house and broke out my manuscript.

i haven’t done much decorating other than to get this orchid and the comforter. but they both make me happy. it’s the little things, right?

this bikini oar is still not hung in the bath and it’s the easiest thing i’ll ever do, why do i put it off? ok tomorrow for sure.  i may even be in a little rut, wondering what my next move is. i see with the sofa and pillows what a challenge every decision can be.

so this is just between us but below is the intro to the book, boudoir moderne which i wrote long ago.  i never shot it so it’s been under wraps all this time. now that i re-read it,  maybe i need to take my own advice.

well at least i got the flowers and sheets. now, what’s my current style?

ok  that’s it for tonite, i’ll post some more if you’re into it. till then, sweet dreams!

May 26, 2011. Books, Decorating, Dreams. 6 comments.

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