stuck in a groove

hi guys, how’s la vie? j’espère c’est en rose! it’s already the weekend and there’s a lot going on around here.  it’s time to decide about taking the store. turns out it wasn’t very hard to get and is a great opportunity. of course i hear the negative and lots of people are telling me not to do it. yes, it’s one more responsibility but the truth is that having a store type of place is something i’ve always enjoyed cause it can be a warehouse, showroom, office and workspace. i’m going in on it with a girlfriend who sews so that will be fun. plus i can do what i love which is travel and shop, restore and display. working on the web has been great for a few years and i don’t knock it, but i do love being around pieces that speak and  transforming them with paint or upholstery. sylvia beach and james joyce 1925

i started looking up shops that are legendary, and of course, shakespeare and co. in paris came up with this image of sylvia beach and james joyce so i’m tying the store into my post today which once again focuses on what i can’t get enough of right now, the great minds of the 1920s. hope you don’t mind another indulgence in this infinite era. i spent way too much time surfing just now but i liked it and hey, isn’t that why we blog?

i stumbled on to way too much but loved every minute of what i could save. bernice abbott by man ray 1921 peggy-guggenheim

reading up on so many great lives isadora duncan

writers, dancers, actresses Djuna_Barnes

can you believe this shot above is actually two well known women of the 20s, dunja barnes and solita solano? jean-rhys

i was looking for stores that were memorable (above was madeleine castaing’s and is now laudree).

photo by
via madeleine-castaing

i started looking into madeline and one thing led to another. so many amazing designers were cutting the edges at the time! i love the mirrored pieces of course, and the chevrons, the bold patterns and stripes.

Cecil Beaton’s sister, Baba in syrie maugham’s ‘party room’. syrie-maugham  glamour-syrie-maugham-all-white-rooms elsie-de-wolfe rose cummings gertrude lawrence

well, that’s enough from me today, i have to stop or i won’t ever work. or play! have a great day et nuit!

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keeping my word

hi guys, comment toutes les choses c’est soir? it’s been pretty hectic around here. getting stuff done and trying to organize, strategize and prioritize. tonight it’s another early shut down. this is just a quick hello and also a nod to those who were searching ‘dressing rooms that look like boutiques’.  anyway i vowed 10 pm. signing off~have a great night mes amis!

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corners of the world

erin fetherston’s paris apartment

you can really do a lot with a corner.

bonjour everybody. Ça va?

how’s your week going?

i’d like to talk to my subscribers for a sec. i hope it’s not too intrusive that i’m posting every day,  but i realize it may be a bit much. it’s part of a wordpress challenge to blog every day for a year. i thought it would be cool to try it and see where the year goes.  but if you don’t want to deal with it, i won’t be offended if you unsubscribe. (brokenhearted but i understand)!  i get way too much mail in a day and am sure you’re overloaded too.

so i guess, that said, i’m gonna get guilt free and just dance like no one is watching and enjoy my daily posts since i do love having a creative outlet.  tonite  i’m into posting the weekend’s decor clips instead of storing them in folders as usual. use ‘em or lose ‘em, mostly but i’d like to enjoy ‘em. like the good china.

it was totally random that they’re all corners. ok this is not a full corner but still, it’s a vignette with a whole lot going on. love the feathers!


now this is a corner!

not to change the subject but this i’m sending a big shout out to these talented and generous girls  give away their wonderful work to use for free. i just added their icons to freshen up my sidebar:

they have tons of great buttons so if you’re looking for a lift, check them out.

i love this badge of theirs below. it would be fun to give out as a blog award.

finally, i also wanted to thank the selfless graphics fairy who had this on her site:.

which i used for this:

thank you so much for your generosity ladies, you make the world more fun!

ok well i’m actually going to sign off and head out for a late dinner. have a great night and thanks for all your love and support. it means everything to me!

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