never can say goodbye


good morning dear friends! i  have to apologize for dropping off the face of the earth for the past few days (or was it weeks)?  it’s been a long road but one that’s been fun and furiously fast paced. in fact the pace has caught up with us and the project we’ve been planning has finally taken shape and is about to launch this weekend!


my crew of companions who’ve helped get thru it are all staying for the next few days to embark on a giant slumber/packing party. claudia ii, candy and ellen are here to put the final touches and tweaks on it all. it’s been months in the making…and tada…our brand new OKL sale is launching this weekend!  the busy work is done. the container arrived from paris, chairs have been restored and re-upholstered in silk satin, pictures are framed and matted and accessories have been painstakingly cleaned with toothbrushes and tarnx. now t’s almost time to say goodbye but it feels like everything just got here!


maybe i get too attached but i’m loving living with it at home. i feel like my apartment is a living, breathing manifistation of the work we’ve done. and now i’m holding onto it for dear life, trying to take it all in. i’m torn between being a collector and curator and want to relish each piece one last time before this day gets started and it gets packed and stashed for the sale. oh but it sounds like everyone is starting to stir so these are my last few moments of quiet perfection before the chaos starts.


i’m glad you came by and promise to keep you posted! we tried to make it vast and varied with something in every range for everyone so i hope you enjoy it! the sale will be from march 9-11 and starts bright and early on saturday morning.


by the by,  the new book is heading into a second printing! there are still some first editions available amazon (if i promised you a book in the giveaway i’m still going to send it out) but otherwise there will be signed first editions on the sale.

ok, the girls are up and i smell coffee. more soon!

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twenty years in the making


where does the time go? hi gang, ca va? how’s your brand new year going? it’s off to a pretty good start here.  it’s officially 20 years since i opened The Paris Apartment and all these years later i’m still grateful to have it. it’s been my raison d’etre on so many levels, being both work and play, it gave me a reason to travel, focus my passion and was my very own muse. but how is it possible that every day for two decades i’ve gotten out of bed and straight to work from my 20s to my 40s!?


you’ve been so patient with me talking about coming out with a new book for sooooo long.  i’m happy to say the new baby has finally arrived!


i only have one copy at the moment but it can be pre-ordered on amazon.  of course i couldn’t resist hosting a giveaway since they’ll be here in a couple weeks,  so if you’re interested let me know and we’ll draw 5 names next week. if you’d like to host a giveaway on your blog,  just say the word!


it will probably be a month or so till they’re here so in the meantime, leave a comment i’ll get in touch with you directly to coordinate it. (just make sure you’re email is live when you leave it)


you can see some of it on amazon but here’s a sneak peek:


i’ve only skimmed it myself


and will share more



you may recognize some old friends



and finds



well in the meantime i’ve got to go collapse now cause the container of goodies from paris came today and we’ve been unpacking it in prep for another big old OKL sale.


suffice it to say it’s time to decompress and exhale this day. so have a great night and good, deep sleep!

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no place like home

hi guys, happy sunday! we’re bracing for a storm and i’m hoping the east coast will be spared without too much damage. there’s a definite calm which may be cliché but truly is the case.  i’ve sequestered myself in this weekend to write and it seems like i’m doing everything but!  i’ve been playing around at home with my camera and now that i have my place back and it’s no longer a warehouse.

before i left i’d been working on shooting the stuff for the okl sale. i hung it haphazardly just to get it on the wall and protected. what i didn’t realize is how much i’d love being around it all.

so many of the images speak to me and i wonder who they were

and imagine the way someone spent their day creating a little masterpiece

above is a watercolor of a leisurely afternoon in a chateau garden

these engravings made me think a little more about what probably caused the revolution

and the one below just calms me down

i guess there really is no rhyme or reason with art and what we gravitate toward. the only problem i have is the attachments i’m making to it all. some pieces you can look at forever cause you’re always finding something new. i didn’t know i’d fall so hard for these little  chef d’oeuvres that so quickly have become part of my daily inspiration.

in any event, i’ll be a big girl and give them up when the time comes but for now i’ll enjoy my moment with them. in the meantime i actually can part with something! i came home to an adorable book that was sent for review and a giveaway.

it’s a charming look at an american girl’s stay with a french family and all the things she learned about their perspective on life.

it’s a great gift so if you’d like to win a copy, just leave a comment and we’ll do the drawing this week.

and now, the sun has set. that means my deadline is that much closer and procrastination is no longer an option. (especially if i’m going to catch my housewives  :)

so bon nuit, i’m sending prayers to everyone with hope of a mild hurricane!

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