one of a kind love affair

it never ceases to amaze me, the boudoir. you can look through a catalog and choose any living room and most people could be perfectly happy with the basics of pottery barn or williams sononma. (ok not you, most people)! but the bedroom is super special, so distinct, unique and personal with all its detail and intimacy. every one tells a story of its owner, who she is and what she’s all about.  i just never get tired of looking at them! here are a few of my faves from last week’s dip into the inspiration pool. it really feeds my voyeuristic side! these are all from one place, have you been there? i never had. it’s pretty spellbinding. hope you enjoy them as much as i did!

sigh, so many personalities, if only i had a guest room too…guess i better work on my bedroom first!

and for all my surfing, i did feel a little guilty till i was validated by this creative philosopher:

oh and speaking of creative girls, please welcome megan from paper route to tpa’s family of sponsors! she creates fabulous cards for all occasions and you can customize practically anything with initials, monograms, as invitiations…sky’s the limit! here are a couple of my faves, check her out if you’re looking for a personal, one of a kind gift!

have a great night, i’m off to nyc tomorrow!

November 18, 2010. Bedrooms. 24 comments.

to sleep, perchance to dream

bon soir mes amis, i hope you’re having a dreamy weekend.  i’m still going thru the pics from surfing last week. it’s been fun saving random shots and watching collections emerge. if you know me at all you’ll know i’m obsessed with the boudoir, the bed and all the trimmings.

beds are seem magical. they’re just as interesting empty as with a kitten lounging adorably.  funny how they have such personalities. of course though, there’s nothing more gorgeous on the planet than women. and  the women who inhabit these beds really put the cherry on top.

there were so many images of girls in bed, lounging, reading, sleeping, loving, playing music, cards, jumping, pillow fights and crying. i had to draw the line cause it’s a pretty deep rabbit hole, that tumblr.

some of my favorite shots are from the film, marie antoinette. until these shots kept popping up, i don’t think i realized how many bed scenes there were with her!

and they’re all delish!


i’m sure lots of these are staged,

but they’re still ethereal, what is it about lounging in bed?

keira knightly (gasp)! smoking in bed

i’m a sucker for the candids

are you getting sleepy? i sure am!

ok well it’s time for me to head up to my own little piece of heaven. i do have fresh sheets on the bed with lots and lots of pillows and (exciting)! i busted out a cashmere blanket that will be perfect for tonight’s slight chill.

enjoy your weekend when you’re up and when you’re down i hope you’re enjoying your bed and making it as cozy as possible!

November 14, 2010. Bedrooms. 12 comments.

the art of the unmade bed

did you have to make your bed growing up? my mom’s religious about it. we did it every day as kids.

some say making the bed is powerful and gives you an instant feeling of accomplishment in the morning. i’ve always hated making the bed although i do love getting into a well made one. quel dilema.

these are some shots i came across the other day when so many kept appearing, one after the other…it was a feast and i’m glad i saved them all but somewhere along the way the links got mixed up a little. they all came from from tumblr. if one’s yours and it’s not  in the right place, please let me know.

i love the way every bed’s the same and still so different

the same components

but each with an energy all its own

the bare minimum is such a luxury

well anyway, i thought you may enjoy these too, all you unmade beds out there! happy friday and bon weekend! have a ball and when the time comes, dive into your sea of blankets. sweet dreams!

November 13, 2010. Bedrooms. 33 comments.

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