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bonsoir tout le monde, happy saturday night. my physical load is getting lighter after selling the last of my stuff today to dealers in the area. i was sweating the schlep but in the end it was a great way to make some extra cash and meet store owners who are looking for good pieces..some to resell on 1st dibs! anyway looking at what’s left of my possessions, most of them are pics i’ve been saving for books and projects. some i may list some on etsy and will definitely have a bunch of giveaways. in fact, i’ll put together some things starting now. if you’re interested just leave a comment and i’ll pick a random number on monday and send out some goodies.


meanwhile, i’ll always have the craving to do a little flea marketing, it’s in my genes. take a look at this guy’s resume and what he sells on etsy, all under $100, totally inspiring way to make a habit, i mean hobby, work for you. i’m loving the community of etsy. what a great place to get lost and the perfect venue to create a whole other business that’s free to start. anyone could have a job tomorrow with just stuff from home. go etsy!

well that’s it for me tonight, i’m on a jet plane after all in the a.m. after all. luckily it’s only for a day and a half so…my quest for a chunk of quiet has been chipped, but i swear when get back i’ll get started on all those big plans.

bon nuit dear friends, enjoy your home sweet home time. i had a taste and it sure was sweet, le sigh!

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  1. Vicki Archer replied:

    I am glad you had a successful clear away Claudia, it must feel very liberating – but what a job. Enjoy your trip, xv.

  2. Iva replied:

    yay for doing all that stuff! I am planning on opening an etsy shop this summer, in fact I am already working on it. I wish you good luck with that – it is really such a great way to make a living doing something you truly enjoy :)

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

  3. Anam replied:

    This sounds like fun! Thanks for the chance.

  4. Bonnie replied:

    Etsy’s free? I didn’t realize that… unlike Ebay. Humm… I have stuff.
    Can’t wait to see what treasures you set free! (lol that rhymes!)

  5. Judith replied:

    HI CLaudia,
    Sounds liberating to get rid of lots of stuff! Glad you had a nice few days at home. :) I’m loving Etsy, I never would have even heard of it if it were not for the blog. This ocmmunity is great! I can’t wait to see what you have to list on Etsy, I’ll be first in line :) Have a great day trip!

    Oh, and I’ll definately throw my name in for those goodies ;)

  6. theparisapartment replied:

    you got it girls! i’ll be gone til tuesday and want to travel light so i’m not bringing my laptop (for the first time ever), but will definitely check in!

  7. Vicki replied:

    Have a wonderful trip Claudia….just got back from a relaxing time at the beach.

  8. Ingrid Mida replied:

    I just opened my Etsy shop After reading Vicki Archer’s post (French Essence) about confidence, I just decided to put aside my self-doubts and take the leap. I sort of feel like I don’t know what I’m doing and still haven’t sorted out Paypal, but it was exciting.

  9. pavlova replied:

    I have so enjoyed your beautiful posts of Paris — they were simply wonderful. I am also in the process of down sizing a bit and it is truly liberating. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Best to you, Michelle

  10. Cris replied:

    Magazine clippings and beautiful images are my weakness. I have the magazine clippings three hole punched and in binders. Sometimes I look at them and think – those have got to go. But then I open them and get lost and inspired again.

    Best of luck to you as you get things sorted out!

  11. Revisionista replied:

    Tossing my name in for goodies! Have a fabulous trip!

  12. Jill replied:

    Who doesn’t love a little “lighten the load” session… feels so good, doesn’t it? Have a great trip…

  13. Julie M replied:

    I LOVE your blog…I use it to de-stress all the time. Thank you!!!

  14. Kim replied:

    I love looking at your website and all the wonderful pictures. How do you stay motivated to remain creative?

    I would also love to receive some of your extra stuff if you have anything remaining.

    Have fun

  15. Joan@anythinggoeshere replied:

    Here is my comment for your giveaway. I am sure I’d love anything! I’m going to keep reading future to see why you are giving things away. oh, by the way, adorable dog.

  16. Judi MH replied:

    My favorite downtime is curling up with the laptop and surfing blogs particularly if the topic is Paris. I own one of the first editions of your book!

  17. Barbara replied:

    can’t wait to see what you have on etsy-I can get lost there for hours!!!!

  18. YSLGuy replied:

    Goodies are always fun!!

    I love Etsy. I can just browse that site for hours and hours

  19. Betty replied:

    Best of luck with setting up an Etsy shop! It really is very easy!

    Wishing you a nice rest of your evening!


  20. suzanne replied:

    I read everyones comments about downsizing purging etc and they all came home to roost.
    My Dad past away this last week after a brief battle with cancer and I know it sounds cliched but you really do reevaluate your life and things in general after you lose someone close.
    I have found myself looking at my fancy car, 2 houses 3 businesses and wondering what happened to time to walk on the beach, romantic dinners with my darling husband, holidays with extended family and all the other things that we never seem to have the time for as we pursue the ‘better life’.I applaude you taking the time Claudia to look at your life and breathe. I hope you find joy and peace in your breathing time.

  21. nancy replied:

    hello claudia !
    leave it to you to find yet another genre !!! to dive into.
    textiles and design….art and culture….you name it!
    you show us that anything is possible…
    and your energy is infectious !
    (my dream is to join one of your incredible tours one day)
    Etsy will be jammed with all of us trying to have a little piece of you !!! cant wait ……
    THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOU //*!*\\ nancy

  22. Crazy for French furniture replied:

    It’s great to de-clutter every once in a while. well done!

  23. Clarity replied:

    What a meaty post, much to savour and enjoy. I really like the Tuscan bell jar and that letter from the “mood board” was inspiring and sweet.

  24. Clarity replied:

    Alas, it’s late, this reply belonged to the post above. Re. your generous giveaway, love to but I think postage to London is a tad too much for me to allow, x

  25. Melissa A. replied:

    Esty is really great isn’t it. I don’t sell anything on there (yet), but I buy plenty. It is stuff that is so unique and different. It’s great to clean out the stuff too. I have been doing alot of that lately as well, as I am going to be putting my house on the market and I just want to make life simpler.

  26. Relyn replied:

    I have had a niggling feeling at the back of my mind for a while now, that I really needed to clear out and toss. You’ve given me the impetus to do so. Still. I would love any of your pretty cast offs that you sent my way. I’ll just clear out my stuff to make room for them, shall I? Ha. Happy journey.

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