decoding that decadent deco

i’m having a great time researching art deco and all the trimmings around the time. here are a couple of highlights, i haven ‘t seen any of these films, have you?

finally, leaving ny for a good long stint in sequestered in florida with no interruptions…i hope! well, barring a hurricane or two, i should be ok! well, after a 3 hour delay, my plane is finally here! bon nuit!

June 17, 2008. 1920's, Deco, Design, Fashion, Films.


  1. Di Overton replied:

    I would kill for all those shoes.

  2. The Deco Detective replied:

    This I simply must comment! You’re featuring my favourite design period! I love the biggest cabinet in the drawing. And what an intelligent header with all the d’s! Actually, the name of this period partially inspired my blog’s name.

    Happy journey Claudia!

  3. Terri Pollhein replied:

    I just love those shoes! Sigh……

  4. Joy replied:

    So this is what shoe heaven looks like! :0)

    Bonne vacance!


  5. melissa lewis - off the wall replied:

    Have a great trip!!!! Wish I were there. I haven’t heard of any of these films either, but I love the picture of the shoes above, very pretty!

  6. Ro replied:

    I’ve been an Art Deco fan for years. I love those shoes. Proves that shoes don’t have to be mile high stilettos to be sexy. When I do shoe window shopping, styles similar to these catch my eye. The shape of the heel, the profile. (The sexy AND comfort.)

    Oh la la!

  7. KathyD replied:

    I was invited to a special series showing classics from the Deco era at MGM’s early days……it was 12 nights of pure bliss. I couldn’t even tell you much about the movie as I was too busy soaking up the set designs (as I always do, which is why I prefer to rent a movie after I’ve seen it on the big screen, you know, so that I can actually ‘watch it’ :) ). Saw these and many more.
    Check out anything starring Eleanor Powell. Also

    What a fun project you have working! Don’t you just love this life you’ve created for yourself????!!! Have a great trip. xoxo

  8. My MĂ©lange replied:

    Those pictures bring back memories. My Grandmother had a flapper dress, the one with all the pleats on the bottom, or was it beads…oh well. That was a cool dress ;)

    Glad you arrived safely ;)

  9. rochambeau replied:

    I want to see if Di will share the shoes!
    Love them!

  10. Laura Ingalls Gunn replied:

    This post makes my heart beat a bit faster!

  11. Charlie replied:

    I love this era so much! The sketch is to die for! All of the pieces are fab!

  12. Easy and Elegant Life replied:

    Our favourite era. Mrs. E. and I are lucky enough to live in a town with a museum with a superb deco collection. A couch like the one in the illustration is a part of it. And it is fantastic in wood and leather.

    If you can get ahold of the Art Deco exhibit book from the V&A, it’s worth every penny.

  13. joseph replied:

    hi, interesting site, and i loved those shoes too… i have added your blog in my fav blogs list… kindly visit my blog too we could share links.

  14. joseph replied: my blog

  15. Jo replied:


    I love the Art Deco which is one of the reasons I am mad about the Poirot Agatha Christie series which feature a lot of Art Deco touches.


  16. Kimberly Ryan replied:

    Hello Miss C, Love all the truly beautiful posts, I have missed so many! Where did you ever find that gorgeous photo of Big & Carrie ? Loved it. Talk soon :) Hug, Kimberly

  17. Paul replied:

    Have a good vacation, Claudia.
    I love the shots from the old films, but none ring a bell.
    I agree with Jo about the Poirot sets and art work on the credits – beautiful :)

  18. Irene replied:

    Oh those Art Deco books! I could daydream for days…

  19. Alkemie replied:

    Nothing like old Hollywood Glamour. I love the first black and white photo of the shoes!!


  20. Gretta replied:

    I just found your blog and CANNOT stop looking at it! Today is July 15, and which post am I commenting on? Like June something? It’s all so gorgeous! I can’t stop!!!

  21. chatrine replied:

    Hi, “what” would I give to have somewhat life of those who lived at that time…..everythig!!!! so glamorus!!! good good!!!
    I have started my own beauty shop in norway, as I am an hairdresser by proffesion, and it is so great! If you visit my blog you will see:) I have very litte time to translate my blog, but you can see from my pictures:)
    For this fall I am planning to create a more gramorous look for my costumers;) that will be alot of fun!

    Love chatrine:)

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