vanity vs sanity

happy saturday night! it’s been a while since i really got to sit and write. now a movie’s on so i have to go! but first just thought i’d share some great moments in history from the book i’m working on with my friend mike, Boudoir Noir, based on the forbidden hollywood film sets and stars. more on that to come!

and so it begins…with jean harlow. she’s so inexplicably glamorous!

one of the most provocative actresses of all time, before she was forbidden to make any more films like those anymore!

and since it’s just no fun unless i share what’s happening with you…i’m putting together a collection of furniture from the films with elysee collection. we’re debuting at the maison et objet in paris in january. we hope!

and the ultimate in boudoir parody! i promise, we’re not reproducing that bed! xc

June 8, 2008. 1920's, 1930's, Boudoir Noir, Deco, Decorating, Design, Fabric, Fashion, Films, Marie Antoinette.


  1. Ro replied:

    Enjoyed perusing the collection. thanks. One thing I envy when I watch movies with the glamour girls in their fabulous apartments is that they always have maids. Geez, how cool would it be to have breakfast brought to me on a tray in the morning. And to know that someone else was responsible for keeping my place clean!

    On the other hand, the maids weren’t paid much for all that work. Thus, I just keep my envy a fantasy …

    - Ro

  2. Charlie replied:

    I adore that era! It’s everything, the clothes, the decor, the way they walked and they way they talked.. all so glamorous!

    I am so happy to hear about your launch! The collection sounds amazing, cannot wait to see pix. Congrats!


  3. theparisapartment replied:

    everything was such an event, even just ‘dressing for dinner’!

  4. Irene replied:

    How I love this! Great news!

  5. Di Overton replied:

    Oh you will go down so well at maison et objet, SO you

  6. Charlie replied:

    Just letting you know that you have been tagged. Please visit if you would like to play along :)

  7. My MĂ©lange replied:

    Oh la la….wish I could see you at the maison et objet. That Constance….she is such a talent isn’t she? Saw that doll on her blog.. I Love It!!!!!

  8. Kathy Delgado replied:

    ohhhh, such exciting news for you! I will keep positive thoughts that it all works out and I see your smiling face at Maison et objet January!!
    The doll is fantastic……!

  9. Sandra Evertson replied:

    Ah, Jean Harlow, so very wonderful! Looking forward to seeing a new furniture line from you! And Constance’s doll is absolutely Fabulous!
    Sandra Evertson

  10. Joy for the Journey replied:

    I just stumbled onto your blog, and I’m so glad I did! I absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing! I’ll be visiting again… soon!
    Sarah :)

  11. beya replied:

    hey there!
    i stumbled across your blog and think its absolutely fabulous!
    i showed my mum and she requested i comment seeing as she doesn’t really do computers. She and her best friend are designers of costume bijoux, sold in london and paris boutiques (notably harvey nichols, whistles and fortnum and maison). It has a very similar feel to your work; marie antoinettesque. they trade in london and paris fashion week, and she wants me to send you a couple of pics if you have a place i could send them to.
    thanks so much xxx

  12. beya replied:

    it might interest you to see them

  13. Wendy replied:

    Hi Claudia! welcome to the latest game of tag! You’re it! Go to my latest post and get the rules- and have fun!

  14. karla nathan replied:

    What luxurious pictures! I am now wanting some breakfast in bed, while wearing something feathery!

  15. rochambeau replied:

    Well, who need sanity when you have a three tier fringed~ vanity? ;-)
    Can’t wait to get my hands on the book you and Mike are creating. It will be fabu!

    Claudia, Mikes new store will open on July 4 (i think). Do you want to come stay here? Surprise him?

    Marie A. Feels so “glam” on your blog. Thank you for inviting her!


  16. ThePeachTree replied:

    How decadently fabulous it all is! I love it :)

  17. Paul replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    Great to be back & see you working on one of my favorite topics!
    I love “pre-code” hollywood, & Harlow, especially – what a vamp :)

  18. Paris Parfait replied:

    I love all those old films – the clothes, the glamour, the patter – and Constance’s Marie-Antoinette! :)

  19. imagine that « the paris apartment replied:

    [...] from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. some of the other pieces we’re working on are here, and here. so it’s coming to life and i thought you’d get a kick out of it. if all goes [...]

  20. Cheri Vanity Computer Hutch replied:

    i showed my mum and she requested i comment seeing as she doesn’t really do computers. She and her best friend are designers of costume bijoux, sold in london and paris boutiques (notably harvey nichols, whistles and fortnum and maison).

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