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thank you all for playing, that was so much fun! i promise to do it all the time, how about friday’s we rendezvous ici?

for my first giveaway, the winner is the wonderful Lorraine who writes
i’m so happy to meet you and get a glimpse into your world. it was fun going thru your site and older posts.

fyi, Lorraine is so diverse! one of her posts led me to karla, who i adore, and then to, a really interesting site and what could be the wave of the future. it would be a fun way to do a book. can’t wait to dig in, have you seen it or done any pages? these are Lorraines: Jax and Finn

and truth be told, i stole this idea of the random number generator someplace and can’t remember where! if you know let me know! anyway it was the perfect tool for this, check it out at or this beauty LOL!



thank you all for stopping by, i love my friends and can’t wait to visit every website of you who wrote and explore the world thru your beautiful eyes! xo

January 30, 2008. art, Blogroll, Design, Friends.


  1. Liberty Post Editor replied:

    You sound inspired and happy. That’s very good! Did you happen to see my post from Jan. 13th? You might like it!

  2. Colette replied:

    I’ve been enjoying your blog, which I just came across. Very nice needlework!

    Cheers, Colette

  3. dilgo replied:


    I have been led there thanks to goog, as i was searching blogs with apartment and paris in the key. You first in the english page. Hope i ‘ll see you now, somewhere in paris. I am going on thru, like you say, try to follow “the wave of the future” and see what’a going in a click from here. By.

  4. Lorraine replied:

    Omigosh, I won – thank you for picking my number !! And another big thank you for the wonderful overview of my site for your readers! Lorraine, who is wearing a huge smile today …

  5. Rebecca replied:

    Hi! Thanks for posting about Scrapblog. We are so happy you *love* it :) We love you too!
    Scrapblog, Inc.

  6. amber replied:

    bonjour! i have finally gotten a professional blog and have linked you.

    i wish i could have that embroidered on all of my clothes, haha.


  7. Julie (Fab.) replied:

    Congrats to Lorraine…she’s a lucky girl!

    I love the needlework. I created a lot of counted cross stitch pieces when I was a teen but I don’t have the patience or time for it now :-(

    Best Wishes,

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